Autumn Crush

Fall brings new change, trends, and warm hues. from burnt orange, olive green with sprinkles of gold, whiskey brown, and burgundy, deep warm colors are here to uplift us, inspire us and energize us. This is a very exciting time for me. The transitional phase of shading off my old skin and looking onward is fulfilling, but I would be remiss if didn’t mention the excitement a new wardrobe brings, new goals, seasonal produce, and drinks (hello pumpkin chai latte) and above all, a reprieve from scorching heatwaves. If you are in LA,  the struggle can be real. So I welcome the whimsical foliage and cool breeze. Speaking of cool breeze, what a better way to tackle the season’s crisp morning with this rich burgundy hat?  Such a statement hat that evokes Parisian elegance and with this Bordeaux Chanel polish, you’ll nail (no pun attended) that French look in no time!

In my quest for all things burgundy, I have also dug up this soft velvet mask.   This fluffy bathrobe and adorable animal slippers will also keep you nice warm and comfy on cold autumn evenings, and it does get frisky during this season.   I’m so here for it, looking forward to a sultry evening, laying on this anthropology Atelier sofa  as I indulge my imaginative mind to  Leila Marouane’s The Sexual Life of an Islamist in Paris, a satirical novel that offers a detailed account of Mohammed, a French Algerian man who has Gallicized his name to score french women. While humorous, the story reflects a contemporary post-colonial narrative of French North African communities in Paris. I’m an unapologetic homebody and true to that spirit, I have to surround myself with comfortable things like this collection of super comfy bedspreads found on H&M home to get me in a Romanesque spirit. Now, this is what I refer to L’art de la relaxation mes ami(es).

xx, Kenza












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