Dutch Wax fabrics: An elegant alternative to Minimalism

Eclectic decor is all the rage right now and African prints particularly African wax prints (known as Ankara or dutch wax) have garnered tremendous success for their vibrant colors. Even though associated with African culture, wax fabrics are increasingly gaining popularity among those who are looking to incorporate ethnic touches to their homes.


Maison Château Rouge, a luxury clothing brand created by three brothers Fofana, Youssouf, and Mamadou has capitalized on that momentum to offer an African-inspired clothing line that is both urban and minimalist. This Parisian-based brand not only exudes Parisian flair but aptly blends African influences for which Paris is known for, particularly the vibrant quartier de Château Rouge, a pan African hub (think Harlem in New York City or Brixton in London) that houses ethnic restaurants shops, hair salons, barber shops, from the entire African diaspora




The use of wax fabric is not solely limited to clothing. I have personally purchased wax fabric by the ward to create my own tote bags, pillows and bed throw.  It really spruces up your decor without being overbearing or necessarily too loud.

Minimalist lovers can easily incorporate an accent piece with strong geometry patterns and a lovely pop of color.

Wax Print is our Favourite Fabric

Or use as a way to contrast a monochrome palette such as this couch:

Canapé Salon Coussins Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen


Or why not add a pop of color to bring out the dark theme of this room?   The strong geometrical pattern brings focus on the print itself without being distracting or cringe-inducing. In this example, the bedroom retains its minimalist appeal, but the global character makes it inviting, chic and contemporary.


Chambre Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen

Those reupholstered stools and pillows are also a good way to make an eclectic statement against that neutral charcoal painted wall. It draws the attention effortlessly.


xx, Kenza

Photography: Maison Château Rouge  and Constance Gennari via the socialite family 

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