Escape the grind with this minimalist zen-inducing greek home

Living in Los Angeles carries many perks! Ah, life under the sun; I can’t really complain…except that when things get too crazy,  I find myself wanting to escape the daily LA grind, especially during the busy holiday season. I spent several hours today scouring the internet to find a glimpse of the promise land… and I think I might have stumbled upon heaven on earth. Actually strike that! I found heaven in this super rad two-story stone residence.

Built in 1850, this beautifully-preserved home has managed to retain all of its historical charms with its exposed bricks, minimalist aesthetic, and neutral colors. Everything in this gorgeous home is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Although I love colors (nothing like a nice splash of color on a blank canvas), I appreciate the serene neutral palette of this charming residence surrounded by volcanic formations and a breathtaking view of the Aegean sea. Talking about a nice getaway! I’m seriously smitten with how whimsical that place is!

xx, Kenza

Source: Melanopetra


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