A cacophony of cultures and what it means to me!

Being back in Paris is such a  transcending experience on so many levels. Seeing so many brown bodies everywhere remind me of what I’ve been missing so much about Paris for all those years. Of course, Los Angeles is multi ethnic and very diverse,  but it’s been somewhat alienating to me to not have anyone I can really relate with. Paris is full of North Africans just like me, the sense of community is what I have been missing the most in LA. Don’t get me wrong, being a  Poc  in any cities carries its own set of challenges, but when shit hits the fan, having the backing and support of your community is so crucial, having people who understand The French Algerian complexity, people who can relate to you on that level is so important. I’m talking post-colonialism here. Algeria was a former French colony which accounts for the large North African presence in France, especially here in Paris.

Being back in the city that cradled me, and seeing melanated people is nothing short of magic. Diversity gives Paris its character; it’s what makes this city so global!

xx, Kenza




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