A charmant Parisian pied-à-terre

Nestled in Charming 11 arrondissement, this comfy Parisian pied-à-Terre blends allure and Parisian warmth.  Sabina Socol the beautiful owner of this architectural gem is indeed a lucky girl, but setting luck aside, Sabina is a well-known and hard-working fashion influencer who runs two blogs (Who What Wear and Into the Gloss)! She epitomizes French elegance and has managed to showcase her sartorial aesthetics by creating a super comfortable and functional apartment which combines Parisian, Danish and Boho vibes in a way that is both utilitarian and beautiful.  From a soft pink Berber rug, that contrasts against a mustard yellow velvet divan, everything in this apartment is highly addictive.  I’m obsessed with the cacophony of colors and textures found throughout those walls.  Speaking of walls, did you notice her palette choice? The sage green in the living room adds another layer of dimension from more traditional pied-à-terre where white walls tend to be de rigueur. But, hey! Rules are meant to be broken and in this case, the mismatch of colors break away the monotony and rigor found within the confines of more traditional Parisian homes. Oh, petit clien d’oeil, notice the light bulb hanging from the ceiling in that living room?  Again, it’s another unexpected way of breaking away from conventional norms where an imposing lustre (chandelier) would normally be expected. However, despite the eclectic use of colors, this pied-à-Terre remains uncompromisingly Parisian and captures the essence of French conviviality.
xx, Kenza



Photography credits: Constance Gennari via the social light family website.


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