A minimalist approach to fashion

As I get older I tend to gravitate towards a minimalist aesthetic.  I am drawn to clean lines, neutral palette.  My philosophy favors high-quality items over quantity.  There is also a cultural shift that is pushing for ethical fashion and that is certainly a driving factor for me. For me, it’s all about incorporating timeless minimalist designs that I can wear year after year.

Slouchy tailoring, layered clothing, stripping garments to their rugged function are core principles of minimalism. Through the process of reductivism, clothes are reduced to their bare bone purpose, highlighting the purity of lines, the quality of garments, the objectivity of clothes, all of which are gathered to tell a story.

minimalist aesthetic is utilitarian and guided by a philosophy that empowers women; in this light of thought, clothing is no longer accessorized to cater to the male gaze.

xx, Kenza






Fashion should be intellectual, ever-lasting and not about the “it trend of the moment.” This is why minimalist aesthetic resonates with me. Of course, there is nothing wrong with dressing sexy, but sex appeal should not be reduced to wearing heels, tight skirts, or anything vulgar.




  1. I’m in love with the clean lines of this mid-rise slim-leg trousers
  2. I am so thrilled about the return of wool skirts, and this elasticated-back wool blend skirt that delicately hugs the body. It is not only breathy but looks very comfortable, and that’s a huge win in my book.  This polished look can certainly be worn in the corporate setting. I love the parisian flair of this outfit. It’s so casual yet so elegant. The unobtrusive aesthetic also makes this an enduring staple that can be worn year after year. This is why miminalism works for me.
  3. I’m infatuated with this clear look: the combination of this elasticated-black wool trouser paired with this oversized blazer embody minimalism and make such a powerful statement.
  4. Who said monochrome palettes have to be boring? This professional attire is proof of the contrary. The asymmetric wool-blend sweater draws attention without looking overbearing. It’s challenge to achieve.
  5. Accessories play such an important part of one’s wardrobe.  This small faux-leather cross-body bag adds such a lovely level of sophistication. I am of those who firmly believe that a purse reveals so much of one’s personality.  A polished attire should always strive to be cohesive and this example shows a fluid extension between the outfit and the purse. It also highlights sophistication and confidence. There is also something very cerebral in the way the continuity is achieved.
  6. This elegant crisp white cotton tunic embodies minimalism. Simplicity is key here, but the piece makes such an unforgettable statement with its clean-lined collar and wristbands.  Wouldn’t you agree? The key takeway is that sophistication does not have to be overpowering, it can be delicate all while being bold.

photo Credits: Raey and stella mccartney collections accessed through matchfashion.com 

Joanna Organisciak tunics through utopiast 






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