A Moroccan Sanctuary

Redecorating our bedroom into a Moroccan-inspired sanctuary had always been a goal of mine ever since moving into our new K-town apartment.  Work and finances were undoubtedly a challenge in replicating the grandiose version I had in mind, but with some patience, creativity, and thanks to awesome platforms like Pinterest, Etsy, Apartment Therapy to draw inspiration from, we’ve managed to recreate a little Moroccan sanctuary on a relatively tiny budget (yaaas!)

The biggest challenge was finding a queen size Moroccan bed at an affordable price.  All of them were out of our budget range, so we found this lovely Indian-inspired 4 panels screen divider at the Trading Post Sunday flea market on Melrose for less than $300.00 and used it as a headboard.  The overall result was nothing short of breathtaking considering our tiny budget.


The Ikea pendant lamp suspended over our bed adds a dramatic look while giving our bedroom a boho feel. I wish you guys could see the lighting at night. The soft yellow lighting really transforms the ambiance. I really wanted to an authentic brass Moroccan lantern, and I’m on the lookout for one in our living room.


I have also personalized my end table with an old Parisian painting and an African statue representing my personal roots to both Paris and Africa.  As I see it, bedroom magic for what it stands really hinges on one’s ability to incorporate unique pieces that speak to one’s soul. The Tarot De Marseille Deck and the Bad Spirit Remover candle are also reflective of my spiritual growth.

A bedroom makeover should not be about collecting trophy pieces for the sake of displaying items with no personal connection. It should first and foremost be a refuge, a sanctuary.  With all the obstacles life throws at me, I needed a place to feel safe and shielded from the daily hustle and constant microaggression as an intersectional woman living in this world.  I’m overall pleased with the outcome. But, this bedroom is definitely missing some things: Plants, but as the old saying goes. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

xx, Kenza


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