An opulent Parisian home

As November approaches, I find myself dreaming of whimsical places like this opulent Parisian home where refinement and quaintness harmoniously converge to create the perfect nest.  The albino peacock (taxidermied) overlooking the salon sets the mood with luxury as a common thread found throughout this lavish apartment.


Oversized gold mirrors found on opposite side of the living room are de rigueur in this 1864 decorated gem.  The building, originally designed for the director of the Opéra Comique of Paris does have theatrical qualities without necessarily being dramatic.  I am in fact amazed with how those ancient homes are able to aptly adapt with today’s world. The ceiling fresco (la fresque in French) for example gives the living room an airy feel without necessarily looking ostentatious or dare I say quiche, like some of the atrocious homes I have had the misfortune of laying eyes on with grotesque crown molding spoiled by an oversized 57 inches plasma tv (the horror).

Without sounding pretentious, the key takeaway is that a balance must be achieved in a way that bridges the past with the present. Luxury should always strive to be unobtrusive. Aesthetically, this means leaning towards a minimalist approach.



By the way, did you notice the two black velvet mannequin torsos that serve as lamps nestled on each side of the bookcase?  This is a prima-facie case of how old and new come in perfect symbiosis, not to say pretty clever! The oversized rustic table also adds warmth to the eating area, making the space convivial and grounded with time.


The rest of this home tour can be found here:

xx, Kenza


Photo credit: via One Fine Stay 


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