breathtaking Parisian Doors


Besides fashion and food, the hallmark of my trip to Paris is single-handedly Parisian architecture especially old antique doors that adorn the majority of buildings in Paris. From modest homes to opulent Hausmanien apartments, old antique doors are part of Paris’ unique character and can be found everywhere.

I’ve spent my time scouring Parisian trottoirs to snap photos of cute old antique doors. The funny thing is, I have never paid any attention as a younger girl growing up in Paris. I was much more interested in going to booms (dance parties) with my friends than in Parisian architecture, let along taking photos of doors. Boy, haven’t things changed over time? I’m now obsessed with them. It is a healthy obsession, one that won’t break the bank for sure–unless of course, I decide to purchase a door and export the damn thing back to Los Angeles, but until that dream comes into fruition, I’ll stick with photography.

xx, Kenza





Photo credits: Kenza Johnson

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