Creating your comfortable nest

It’s funny when I think how I used to downplay the importance of investing in nice duvet sets. It’s never been a priority to me, but I’m now realizing what a difference a nice duvet cover set makes. Olivier Desforges is one of my favorite duvet brands right now Check out this one.

Lighting is equally important and this massive lamp globe will definitely amp up the atmosphere. Aside from the fact that I pink is such an en vogue color, this globe is also a great conversation starter.


I also believe that scents play an important part in creating a relaxing environment. I am obsessed with candles, and those candles here do not disappoint aside from their super luxurious packaging.  The Marrakesh collection from La Note Parisienne is one of my favorite scents. Also worthy of mention is the exotic scent of ortegia, an Italian scent and soap company whose perfumes are directly distilled from Sicilian flowers.  I also recently stumbled upon Lait, a Los Angeles based candle company that makes intoxicating scents. I also find it super RAD that it is a progressive brand that supports the environment, gay rights and more broadly, social justice.



Of course when it comes to creating your nest, having some comfy pillows to rest your head on is something that should not be neglected. Pillows can liven-up any room and this assortment of velvet pillows from west elm will do just that:


Doesn’t this look fab and inviting?

xx, Kenza






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