Have a Ghoulish day

Boo! Have a ghoulish day, mes amis! The spirit of Halloween is alive, and I am here for it! Halloween gives me the perfect excuse to surround myself with dark themes, dive into the shadow work, summon spirits, binge on horror movies (hello the exorcist!) and yes, decadents sweets! I am amazed by how vested Americans are; it’s serious business, from stores to schools and art galleries!

Vam museum’s IG handle does not lack ghoulish spirit with their frightening display of dark elements, and This porcelain doll is nightmare-inducing:

What about this dress? Such a breathtaking piece de resistance, wouldn’t you agree? This costume, which was featured in Queen of the Fairies in Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera is nothing short of diabolical. Designed by Bruno Santini,  the dress exudes feminine authority and definitely draws inspiration from snow white and the henchmen.




Of course, I’d be remiss if I failed to showcase Alexander McQueen macabre, yet dazzling and truly unforgettable rendering of Black Swan in the “Horn of Plenty” as part of his Fall/Winter 2009 collection


On a lighter note, this ghoulish giant vampire bunny strolling over a frozen Thames river preying on innocent souls is weirdly cute but still somewhat spooky!

Enters the wicked witch for Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a witch present to torment our souls.

“The Witch” by Andy Warhol can be found at Guy Hepner Gallery


But Halloween is not just limited to the gold USA. If you’re lucky enough to be in Paris, rue Chanoinesse (ex rue des Marmousets) near Notre Dame Cathedral is home to a gruesome part of history rarely talked about. It is rumored that during the middle ages, a local barber/butcher would kidnap strangers, slaughter them, cook, grind their limbs and sell their meat to inconspicuous patrons as savory pâtés en croûte! 

Present day rue Chanoinesse still looks hella creepy here if you ask me:

On that note, mes amis, I wish you a terrifying Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

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