It’s funny when I think how I used to downplay the importance of investing in nice duvet sets. It’s never been a priority to me, but I’m now realizing what a difference a nice duvet cover set makes. Olivier Desforges is one of my favorite duvet brands right now Check out this one.

Lighting is equally important and this massive lamp globe will definitely amp up the atmosphere. Aside from the fact that I pink is such an en vogue color, this globe is also a great conversation starter.


I also believe that scents play an important part in creating a relaxing environment. I am obsessed with candles, and those candles here do not disappoint aside from their super luxurious packaging.  The Marrakesh collection from La Note Parisienne is one of my favorite scents. Also worthy of mention is the exotic scent of ortegia, an Italian scent and soap company whose perfumes are directly distilled from Sicilian flowers.  I also recently stumbled upon Lait, a Los Angeles based candle company that makes intoxicating scents. I also find it super RAD that it is a progressive brand that supports the environment, gay rights and more broadly, social justice.



Of course when it comes to creating your nest, having some comfy pillows to rest your head on is something that should not be neglected. Pillows can liven-up any room and this assortment of velvet pillows from west elm will do just that:


Doesn’t this look fab and inviting?

xx, Kenza





Life can be chaotic at times. for me– most of the time, it is a swirling wave of chaotic moments where I feel I am no longer in control. Between work, daily commuting, family obligations, you name it, it is easy to lose sight of what matters the most: me, you, us. You get the idea.  The stress of living in a super large city like LA, family obligations, work, making a living, being fab,  fighting age, has caused me to neglect myself a great deal and cut a lot of corners when it comes to caring for myself. Weight gain has been steadily creeping up on me like a tight-fist mother unwilling to let go of her child.  Shedding pounds ain’t easy! But my focus on dropping those stubborn pounds has turned into something obsessive, toxic and I am tired of it. The notion that skinniness is aesthetically more attractive and healthy is outdated and not even factually substantiated. The key thing is living a balanced life, eating healthy, working out, meditating and not depriving yourself, a message reinforced by phenomenal creative powerhouses like Theresa Baxter, an LA-based graphic artist, illustrator and the founder of allmost studio in LA.  Theresa works at the intersection of art, feminism and body positivity. She’s behind the dope collage of mumu mansion and her get free campaign


Mumu Mansion otherwise known as Melinda Alexander is a los angeles based activist and the author of get Free, a book with a powerful message and someone I have been religiously following on IG for a while now.    Her website features additional artwork from Theresa.

Theresa’s vision and rituals collection places emphasis on women self-empowerment through rituals and symbolic imagery that is transcending, political and pierces through traditional western cannons of beauty:





I love, love her work and the powerful messaging behind it. It is bold, daring, transcending, and in the era of me too movement and black lives matter, it is the kind of art that is needed to empower women to be self-reliant, strong, and unapologetic about being themselves!    Imagine my surprise, when I approached Theresa and asked her if she’d be willing to create this blog’s banner?  The end result? This super funky gif rendering of the Motherfunk banner :



Ok, shameless plug aside, the key takeaway is to be selfish and to not feel guilty about it. More to come mes amis.

xx, Kenza




My duvet set from la Redoute just came in and it’s just so gorgeous.  I could have spent money on an outfit or pair of shoes, but I wanted to splurge on a duvet set, besides I was getting tired my old one.  Duvet sets are normally not high on my priority list, but maybe it’s me getting older and wiser and I think that dressing your room is just as important. Think of your bedroom as your sanctuary.

I’m definitely on the right path and I have spent time making changes in our room without necessarily going broke. Between my Ikea lamp, new curtains, a Morrocan screen divider and DIY (which I will share later) of my repainted dressers, I was able to give our bedroom a brand new look.

xx, Kenza



The allure of simplicity lies in its purity of lines and clean aesthetic.  Hausmannian buildings are known to be chic and elegant: impeccable crown moldings, white walls, high ceilings, original chevron parquets to die for. It is my hope to one day own a beautiful Hausmannian Pied-à-Terre, but until that moment arrives (I have no doubt it will), I will settle by drooling over unfairly gorgeous apartments to keep me motivated. I believe in visualization and manifesting my reality and this beautiful Parisian apartment does not lack charm. The living room itself sets the tone for what’s to be found throughout this apartment. I’m still swooning over the salon’s global charm. It definitely has the boho appeal I love but without looking Instagram staged.  Did you notice how that glass partial divider adds dimension to this room, creating a clever and unobtrusive separation between the eating area and living room?

No crazy mix of colors, but check out the cool posters and artwork, and the most obvious star of this room: the majestic peacock overlooking the room. Although beautiful, I have strong reservations about this and this blog post no way endorses taxidermy!

Now that I got this out of the way, my eyes are fixated on this imposing built-in bookshelf. I love books and I’m floored by how jaw-dropping this book corner is.  By the way, those colossal french windows are impossible to ignore and can be found throughout this darling apartment.  Accent pieces and colorful pillows add a measured touch of character without going overboard. I also appreciate that from this angle, the dining table on the other side of that glass divider is barely noticeable. How ingenious is that?

By the way, the splendor of this apartment is not solely confined to the living room. The bedrooms are just as opulent and captivating and wait until you see that unforgettable bathroom.






My infatuation deepens with those enormous lanterns. I mean look at them! What are those? Wow! Stunning to say the least. I have not seen quite anything like this before, but interestingly enough the soft sheer fabric of those lamps do not take away from the rest of this hallway where gorgeous Morrocan rugs adorn the beautiful chevron parquet found throughout this place. Simply breathtaking!

This beautiful Emmanuel Peacock chair found at the end of the hallway is undoubtedly majestic, GOAT to say the least. It’s also on my bucket list! Those chairs aren’t cheap either and will run you for a good $500 and up here in Los Angeles, but they are such an enduring testament of status. I can see myself sitting there, bare naked (no shame!), unbothered, sipping on a sparkly flute of Veuve Clicquot. Ahhh la belle vie.. Now that’s what we French folks call la Joie De Vivre! What’s your Joie De Vivre?


The rest of the tour can be accessed here.

Photo credit: Adélaïde Klarwein

xx, Kenza


Hausmannian apartments epitomize Parisian refinement at its finest, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a bohemian rendition of a kitchen that broke this tradition with super fun Mediterranean-inspired mosaic tiles.  The soft pink wall and white subway tiles contrast nicely against the kitchen’s floor. I’m totally infatuated with those soft colors, and although that kitchen is small, it is very warm and inviting. The kitchen’s beauty lies in its utilitarian design and simplicity.   I also love the eclectic mix of colors and furniture found throughout the apartment.  The rustic Indian coffee table in the living room is yet another highlight of this tour and blends harmoniously with the Hausmannian style. The yellow curtain panels add a nice pop of color and did you notice the funky street art wall design?

Photo credits: Marc Lavaud via Maison Creative blog.

I love bright colors when paired judiciously. The bold mix colors found in this kitchen really brought a huge smile on my face.  The gray pendant lamp, the vibrant emerald green wall located in the adjacent room, and the assortment of pastel colored chairs and pillows make this room so inviting! And the terracotta tiled floor and rattan sofa add so much unexpected warmth to this Parisian kitchen.  It’s like a stroke of earthy peach blush on a blank canvas.

xx, Kenza


Source: Du côté de chez vous N°67 –