Plants shopping in Los Angeles

Finding the perfect nursery can be a hit or miss but a downright necessity if you want your plant to be happy and thrive! After buying a fiddle leaf tree at one of the bigger chain retailers, I learned an important lesson when my fiddle started dropping leaves due to a major bacterial infection which is something that cannot be overcome and has caused  (after money, labor and time wasted and 10 dropped leaves) my plant to be on her deathbed.  As you can tell where you buy your plant matters a great deal, so this time around, I did my research and stumbled upon Mickey Hargitay Plants.

If you’re in LA and love plants, you must check them out. This lush oasis which definitely lives up to the hype is located dead smack in the heart of LA and all I can say is that experience was beyond superlative, but more importantly, those plants were full of life.  Good thing hubby was there with me, because I would have went bankrupt!  Hubby and I found ourselves wandering around in all the corners nooks that housed such a wide variety of flowers, exotic plants, Buddha statues for all you yoga heads out there and a large selection of pottery and handmade woven baskets from local artists.  They have pretty everything, from ficus plants, lyrata, elastica, weeping figs, and they alreay carry pilea and snake plants; yaaaas.  This is such a zen place with a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.  I ended buying another fiddle leaf and some other plants, this time smaller, but it’s thriving here at home!

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