What’s up earthlings! So I headed to Le Marché de Saint-Denis and was so thrilled to be back there after many years away from home. For those of you into markets, think of grand central Market Downtown LA pre-renovation and pre-gentrification. It’s pretty much like GCML only way bigger.

Saint-Denis market is a Marché that boasts delicacies from all corners of the world. I love the multi-ethnic vibe of Saint-Denis with its vibrant Pan African community, people hailing from Algeria, Morroco, Tunisia, Senegal, Mali, Gana as well as from Haiti, Martinique, and Guadeloupe.

It is such an eclectic medieval town with an old-world feel nestled on the outskirts of Paris at the very end of line 13 which services Saint-Denis Basilique Station.  Those looking for a real Marché experience will not be disappointed. Produced are not only very fresh but also artisenal.  (no gmos, steroids, hormones) Anything can be found: from rare earthy spices hailing from distant locations like Madagascar, India and Cape Verde to North African Merguez, Fresh Turbo, cod, shark and sardines, plantains, couscous, baklavas, butternut squashes, Herbes de provence and so much more.

The hustle and bustle of working-class immigrants shuffling their feet through narrow streets with their shopping caddy trailing right behind, on a mission to buy food. There is a beauty about Saint-Denis and its people which is rarely showcased on national television. I feel that France’s image tends to only showcase the glossy side of its country but seeing and being on the pulse of everyday life is so important. For me at least, it is one of the top highlight of my trip and if you’re headed that way (which you should!), the Marché opens on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

xx, Kenza



photography credit © kenza johnson