Trendy Trolley Carts

Since moving to LA, I have traded my shopping routine to my local Marché for the world of gigantic grocery stores and interminable time spent on freeways.

Let’s face it, LA being such a clustered city filled with diverse neighborhoods, having a car is a necessity when it comes to grocery shopping. However, since moving to vibrant Koreatown (known as K-Town), a heavily-dense but walking-friendly neighborhood located just 2 miles from downtown LA and its financial district, hubby and I, now have the opportunity to walk to our local grocery stores, and I have had my eyes this lovely wicker trolley carts.

I love all things wicker and rattan and to know that the evolution of trolley carts has evolved from the old metal granny caddy to bohemian glamor gives me the perfect excuse to be practical while looking stylish.

Rattan trolley carts like this one are the perfect excuse to get out of the house to my local farmer’s market.

Olli Ella’s Big Luggy Basket is another elegant + practical wheeled trolley.

Photo credits: Olli Ella 






xx, Kenza

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