Treasure Hunting at Tara Design

It’s been a year since hubby and I moved into our Spanish Revival apartment in the heart of K-town, Los Angeles.  Our style is essentially a cacophony of vibrant colors, textures, one that reflects my Parisian and Algerian roots, while incorporating some of the local elements that lend themselves to creating a whimsical bohemian haven.

There are several bohemian-inspired furniture shops in LA but Tara Design captured all my attention with its expansive collection of Morrocan, Indonesian, Indian furnitures, textiles, pillows, Indian sari fabrics, Turkish and Moroccan lanterns.

Although a lot of items (the majority really) were out of our price range, we gravitated towards the various textiles which were budget friendly and even found a lovely handmade Indian Quilt which now adorns our living room wall:



Lanterns for days!! Tara Design did not disappoint!  The lovely owner Larissa curates rare authentic items that guarantee to please the most discernable tastes while also having reasonably priced items, she even offers layaway options which I was excited to hear!


Endless collection of quilts!  Our eyes were in for a treat!


Those pillows though!


xx, Kenza


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